Andrea Feletto's Résumé

Educational Background

High School

I spent all my high school year at I.T.I.S “G. Galilei” in Conegliano, Italy. I chose to graduate in “Mechanics and Mechatronics” because of my passion for Mechanical Design.


Currently studying Industrial Engineering at University of Trento.


First Job Experiences

At the age of 16 and 17 I spent the summer working for a small Carpentry company. There I developed most of my Work Ethic and learned how to use many common workshop tools like drills, angle grinders and cutting band saws. I also came in contact with the ATEX regulations, expecially with the design of ZONE 0 machines.

During the next 4 summers I worked for a local Plumber. During this time I had the chance to use many different tools and I learned a lot about plumbing and house contruction in general.